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Flying screens ParametrÝa has positioned itself in the market for the ability to adapt methodological tools to the specific needs of each client, ensuring that each study has a strategic value. We seek the sense of timeliness and accuracy of information, as well as cost reduction and efficiency criteria of competitive. Parametria used as pillars of its methodology quantitative and qualitative tools, which are its main foundations in social psychology and statistics.

Quantitative tools include:

1. Probability sampling designs
2. Questionnaire design
3. Survey interviews (in housing, telephone, face to face, out of boxes)
4. Validation of information
5. Statistical models
6. Strategic analysis of the results

The qualitative tools include:

1. Focus group sessions
2. Depth interviews
3. Design research agendas
4. Research on specific topics or specialized
5. Proof of arguments on selected topics
6. Information processing
7. Strategic analysis of results

The effective combination of these tools in each investigation have made that Parametria delivery products become the best in the market for its statistical robustness, the depth in the exploration of motives or reasons and competitive prices offered.
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