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What we do?


Opinion surveys

1. Image diagnosis on individuals, institutions and products
2. Diagnosis of major public policy issues
3. Diagnosis of candidate and campaign concepts
4. Measuring electoral preferences
5. Tracking poll
6. Exit polls
7. Evaluation campaigns and commercials
8. Measurement of habits, attitudes and opinions
9. Academic research

Market Research

1. Evaluation of customer satisfaction
2. Mark tests
3. Location of niche markets (actual and potential)
4. Market Segmentation
5. Project Feasibility
6. Identifying strengths and weaknesses of the product
7. Bench marking
8. Analysis of customer loyalty and lost customers
9. Measurement of habits, attitudes and motivations


The service of providing the databases built by Parametria emerged with the aim of contributing to development studies of mexican public opinion

For this reason, the use of databases is reserved for academic and/ or journalism, should be properly cited source and methodology in research.

The databases that are available to deal with issues published on our website, comprising a period from 2002 to date. The fixed variables in all databases are the sociodemographic: gender, age, education, religion, marital status, occupation, income, race, social class, among others. The rest of the variables change according to the database, covering various topics on political opinion, economic and social development.


Studies were performed in house.
Representativeness: National or Federal District.
Number of interviews: 960 and 400 respectively.
Statistical confidence level: 95%.
Margin of error: (+/-)3.2% and (+/-) 4.9% respectively.
Design, sampling and analysis: Parametria of S.A. de C.V.
Sampling Method: Random systematic probability proportional to size.
Sampling unit: The electoral sections reported by the IFE.

If you are interested in any database send your application


National Series

ParametrÝa since 2002, on a monthly basis National Series, this is an alternative tool to solve their specific information needs or ongoing on the state of public opinion and the Mexican market.

The National Series is a survey of a large sample of people (in our case national) at a fixed frequency at which anyone can ask questions.

In this survey can participate companies, institutions, organizations, or persons who need information at the national level and that for the cost of it does not justify a study ad hoc. As the passengers of public transport customers, pay only a fraction of the cost (a ticket-questions), sharing the cost of the survey with other customers.

Interested may participate in the National Series, with blocks of five questions. The demographic questions are always included in the National Series, so customers can cross the results of their questions with socio-demographic data of interest.

National Series


National Series


1st week
Close questionnaire

2nd and 3rd week

4th Week
Delivering results
Delivering results

1. Description of the methodology.
2. Cross tables of your questions with demographic data questions.
3. Color graphical presentation of results.
4. All documentation should submit a paper copy and one in computer format.
5. Detailed results and statistical analysis are offered as optional services.


The budgeting unit is the question, the rate varying depending on the type of question included in the questionnaire and its quantity. If you want to learn more about the National Series Parametria, please contact us.

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