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América Latina Frente al Género
Autor: Latinobarómetro
La mayor brecha ante la igualdad de género en América Latina es cultural.
More Mexicans See Gang Presence in 2014
Autor: Gallup
Four in 10 Mexicans in 2014 report gangs are present in the areas where the live. Although this is still lower than the relatively high levels Mexicans reported in the early years of their country's drug war, it is notable because it is up slightly for the first time in several years.
Corruptio Perceptions Index 2014
Autor: Transparencia Internacional
Poorly equipped schools, counterfeit medicine and elections decided by money are just some of the consequences of public sector corruption. Bribes and backroom deals don?t just steal resources from the most vulnerable ? they undermine justice and economic development, and destroy public trust in government and leaders.

Based on expert opinion from around the world, the Corruption Perceptions Index measures the perceived levels of public sector corruption worldwide, and it paints an alarming picture. Not one single country gets a perfect score and more than two-thirds score below 50, on a scale from 0 (highly corrupt) to 100 (very clean).
14 striking findings from 2014
Autor: Pew Research Center
In 2014, Pew Research Center published more than 150 reports (not to mention, some 600 blog posts) covering a wide range of topics ? including demographic change, media habits, technology adoption, religious affiliation, and public opinion in the U.S. and worldwide. Here are 14 facts we found particularly striking, as they illustrate some major shifts in our politics, society, habits or families.
Índice Global de Impunidad IGI 2015
Autor: UDLAP
En la última década se ha vuelto incontable el número de informes, declaraciones, discursos, recomendaciones y actos legislativos que reportan casos de impunidad alrededor del mundo. En México, por desgracia, los actos que atentan contra los derechos humanos, la equidad y el ejercicio de una justicia imparcial se han vuelto una constante.
Global Peace Index 2014
Autor: Institute For Economics Peace
This is the eighth edition of the Global Peace Index (GPI), which ranks nations according to their level of peace. The Index is composed of 22 qualitative and quantitative indicators from highly respected sources and ranks 162 independent states, covering 99.6 percent of the world?s population. The index gauges global peace using three broad themes: the level of safety and security in society; the extent of domestic or international conflict; and the degree of militarisation.
In addition to presenting the findings from the 2014 GPI and its seven-year trend analysis, this year?s report includes an updated analysis of the economic impact of violence as well as a detailed assessment of country risk using risk models developed by IEP based on its unique datasets.
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