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Does Humanitarian Aid Improve America´s Image?
Autor: Pew Research Center
Nearly a year ago, as Japan struggled with the devastation wrought by the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami, the United States military launched ?Operation Tomodachi,? a major humanitarian aid mission, to help the Japanese government respond to the crisis. The effort made a strong impression on the Japanese people ? ratings for the U.S. reached sky-high levels following the American mission. And it was not the first time that relief to those in need has enhanced America?s reputation. In recent years, both Indonesians and Pakistanis have expressed more positive views about the U.S. after receiving significant levels of disaster relief. However, the Indonesian and Pakistani examples also suggest that the impact of humanitarian efforts has its limits.
Half Say Obama Too Liberal, but 47% Agree With Him on Issues
Autor: Gallup
A slim majority of Americans, 51%, say Barack Obama's political views are "too liberal," a greater percentage than believe either of his main Republican challengers -- Rick Santorum (38%) or Mitt Romney (33%) -- is "too conservative." Americans are about equally as likely to say the views of Romney and Santorum are too conservative as "about right." Slightly more say Romney's views are too liberal than say this about Santorum.
Edelman Trust Barometer 2011. Resultados de México
Autor: Edelmar
Encuesta realizada en México, Brasil, Argentina, que mide y compara los resultados en temas como la confianza en instituciones, sociedad etc
U.S. Economic Confidence Climbs for Fifth Straight Month 2012
Autor: Gallup Economy
Americans' confidence in the economy improved for the fifth month in a row in January, with Gallup's Economic Confidence Index reaching -27, its highest point since May of last year. Americans, however, are not yet as confident as they were a year ago.
Public Priorities: Deficit Rising, Terrorism Slipping 2012
Autor: Pew Research Center
As the 2012 State of the Union approaches, the public continues to give the highest priority to economic issues. Fully 86% say that strengthening the economy should be a top priority for the president and Congress this year, and 82% rate improving the job situation as a top priority. None of the other 20 issues tested in this annual survey rate as a top priority for more than 70% of Americans.
Congress' Job Approval at New Low of 10% 2012
Autor: Gallup Politics
A record-low 10% of Americans approve of the job Congress is doing, down from 13% in January and the previous low of 11%, recorded in December 2011. Eighty-six percent disapprove of Congress, tying the record high for disapproval set in December.
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