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Three - Fourths of Hispanics Say Their Community Needs a Leader
Autor: Pew Research Center
This report focuses on Latinos ?views of national Latino leadership. It also explores Latinos? views of identity. It is based on findings from a Pew Research Center nationally representative survey of 5,103 Hispanic adults conducted from May 24 through July 28, 2013. The survey was conducted in all 50 states and the District of Columbia among a randomly selected sample of Hispanic adults. The survey was conducted in both English and Spanish on cellular as well as landline telephones. The margin of error for the full sample is plus or minus 2.1 percentage points at the 95% confidence level. Interviews were conducted for the Pew Research Center by Social Science Research Solutions (SSRS)
Public Registers Bumpy Launch of Health Exchange Websites
Autor: Pew Research Center
A few weeks after the launch of the state- level online health insurance exchanges that are a cornerstone of the Affordable Care Act, the public?s impression is that it has been a bumpy launch. About three -in- ten Americans (29%) say the online health insurance exchanges are working very or fairly well while 46% say they are not.
The Global Slavery Index
Autor: Walk Free Foundation
The Global Slavery Index provides a ranking of 162 countries, reflecting a combined measure of three factors: estimated prevalence of modern slavery by population, a measure of child marriage, and a measure of human trafficking in and out of a country. The measure is heavily weighted to reflect the first factor, prevalence. A number one ranking indicates a more severely concentrated modern slavery situation; 160 shows the least.
Government Corruption Viewed as Pervasive Worldwide
Autor: Gallup
People in countries worldwide perceive government corruption as a widespread problem. This includes countries with a free press -- an indicator of good governance and development -- and those where media freedom is limited. Among countries with a free press, the percentage of adults who say corruption is widespread in their government reaches as high as 94% in the Czech Republic and as low as 14% in Sweden.
Amid Shutdown, Americans Not Calling for One-Party Gov't
Autor: Gallup
This article is part of an ongoing series analyzing how the government shutdown and the debate over raising the debt ceiling are affecting Americans' views of government, government leaders, political parties, the economy, and the country in general.
United Nations Retains Strong Global Image
Autor: Pew Research Center
As the United Nations opens its 68th General Assembly session, publics around the world continue to have a positive impression of the international organization. Clear majorities in 22 of the 39 countries surveyed say they have a favorable view of the UN, including thumbs-up from Security Council permanent members Britain, France and the U.S. Ratings for the UN are on balance favorable in Russia. But the Chinese are divided in their opinion. However, views trend negatively in key Middle Eastern publics, including Israel, the Palestinian territories, Jordan and Turkey.
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